Stuffed: The third-annual Stuff@night dining awards

MC Slim JB:  “Best-of lists are the McDonald’s cheeseburger of food/drinks articles: everyone occasionally wolfs one down, and no one brags about it afterward.

But why do they always include some howler that makes you wonder if the judges are daffy or corrupt?”

Ruth Tobias:  “I hear ya. But suppose it were you and I who slapped together that cheeseburger over, say, a bottle of wine? How would it differ from the assembly-line version?”

Slim:  “Hmm, maybe it’d be more carefully made, but idiosyncratic, bound to provoke responses like, ‘Some odd choices — brioche instead of a roll? — but tasty overall.’ ”

Ruth: “Good point. Between our eclectic sensibilities — shaped by and the gung-ho attitude of human guinea pigs — and our tendency to drink on the job, we’d have spontaneity on our side.”

Slim: “Which might yield something like these dining awards: a bit lopsided, maybe a little cheesy, but still plenty juicy. Would you like pommes frîtes with that?”

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[Photos by Joel Veak]