Fashion Boston Anniversary Party: Fashion Week Boston Night One

Fashionistas, socialites, and a few fashion freaks flocked to FB’s one-year anniversary party last night at the Seaport World Trade Center. The event, filled with local scenesters, media folks, and, of course, Boston’s notorious party crashers, featured food from some of the city’s top chefs, MAC makeovers, Lux Bond & Green bauble try-ons, and a live fashion photo shoot.


After convincing the stress cases at the door that I was on the guest list, I walked in to find a bunch of ladies lined up to try on a fur coat and get their picture taken in a luxury Buick on a red carpet. Really? I guess it was an attempt to make everyone feel fabulous, or to fill the other half in on what it’s like to actually own the luxury goods featured or advertised in the publication.

Not really into the photo opp, I moved on — or, rather, tried to move on — and got caught in a wind tunnel that totally messed up my hair. (Damn it — I worked hard on that “messy” wannabe-Sienna-Miller look!)

Once past the wind tunnel, with drink in hand (thanks to my adorable friend Matthew), I gained my composure and stood close to the entrance to gawk a bit, find my favorite style subjects, and take it all in. And I mean take it all in — including the beefy topless boys walking around in their undies. Not really sure what their purpose was, but some of them were really yummy to look at.

Aside from the scantily-clad hired help and slightly tacky fur try-on, the event had good mix of things to do and see. Kudos to the FB team for the live photo shoot. The average person doesn’t get to see all the hard work that goes into producing a shoot (cue the little violins in my head). This shoot, set to run in their October issue, actually welcomed guests to jump in and work it for the camera; one lucky winner will actually be pictured in the spread.

As for the party-goers’ fashion, I give the crowd a B+. There were some truly stunning looks, and I would have said A- if it weren’t for the weird costume-y looks scattered throughout the room. I’m talking flapper-inspired get-ups, homemade theater-worthy numbers, and bright fishnet tights and feathers everywhere. People, choose one — not all — of the above when attending the style event of the season! The only man who’s allowed to show up in costume is the vintage pimp himself, Bobby of Bobby of Boston — and he did. So fabulous.

Guests worthy of mention included Stil owner Betty Riaz and her husband Ali, who busted a move on the dance floor with the Stil staff, noting that “You were, like, five when this song even came out.” Okay, I must admit I didn’t know who Samantha Fox was, but I thoroughly enjoyed “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too).”

Other notables include PR mavens Joanna Roffo, Nicole Russo, and Kate Shamon; Tony Nunziante from the mayor’s office; style icon Marilyn Riseman; the adorable BMag ladies Rachel Baker and Sascha de Gersdorff; and an extra-bubbly Maria Lekkakos with her hunky BF Marc Harris. Lekkakos told me that I look like Drew Barrymore. I was hoping for her to say Salma Hayek, but hey, I’ll take it. Thanks, Maria — if you ever get tired of your hunky boyfriend, let me know … maybe he has a thing for Drew look-alikes.