The Dentist Disaster Sundae at Cabot's

Old-fashioned ice cream parlors serve as the nostalgic backdrop for many New England summer scenes — especially on those sweltering 90-degree days spent cooling off with a silver dish of frozen treat, topped off with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry, if Mom was feeling indulgent. Ice cream is a classic hot-weather comfort food, especially when it’s covered in gooey hot fudge or sprinkles and crunchy candies. Hell, how about all of the above? The Dentist Disaster sundae ($8.99) at Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant is, in fact, your hygienist’s worst nightmare, but it’s a toppings orgy, so who cares? This creamy mountain of Snickers, Heath, Milky Way, and peanut butter cup candy ice creams is unabashedly smothered in hot fudge, caramel, and a generous plop of whipped cream and (as if that’s not enough to give you a sugary spaz attack) finished with a healthy sprinkle of Reese’s Pieces. To duly conquer this mother load of sundae mother loads, steadfast determination and elastic waistbands are highly advisable.