Foot rubs are a love-them or hate-them experience. Some of us shudder when, in a vain attempt to be "tender," a lover starts kneading our feet like they're made of pizza dough - that is, if we don't start laughing first because it just seems so lame. But others, always on the look-out for a handsome, rich podiatrist to woo, would sink back in ecstasy from a good, strong foot massage. If you're in the latter camp, visit Happy Feet Spa (150 Lincoln Street, Boston, 617.348.2988), a new, mostly undiscovered little gem that's gathering buzz among well-heeled execs who need a rubdown. Happy Feet employs reflexology, a naturopathic approach based on the principle that points in the feet correspond to important body glands and organs - so even though you're receiving a foot massage, you could be impacting the full body. It's relatively inexpensive (a roughly one-hour massage costs only $40), so you won't find elaborate bells and whistles: though there's a semi-private VIP room, most massages are conducted in a pedicure-style group environment (which makes it awfully fun to sneak in booze and chat with girlfriends - shh!). But for quality handiwork that perfectly pulls on our 10 little piggies, Happy Feet has us going "Wee!" all the way home.