Dining Awards 2011


October is a beautiful time of year for Bostonians: the weather's getting crisp, the foliage is blazing, and we're daydreaming of tailgating parties and Halloween costumes. (Maybe this is the year you'll do something besides Sexy [Occupation] or Zombie [Celebrity].) Here at STUFF, October also means the annual Dining Awards.

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Of course, in the era of a billion bloggers, tweeters, and Yelpers, we recognize that best-of opinions are like bellybuttons: everybody's got one. But with all due respect to our smartphone-toting readers, we've done another year's worth of nightly tootling around Boston's amazing restaurant and bar scene that no amateur could keep up with. Stand back, kids: we're professionals. It's our job to meticulously survey the welter of fantastic options for dining and drinking, recognize talents both veteran and upstart, and highlight standout plates and tipples. But our offbeat approach doesn't encompass a "Best French Blahblahblah." No, we're the magazine that hands out the "Wes Welker Award for Awesomeness in a Compact Form." So plop a weisswurst on the grill, crack open a pumpkin ale, and bask in the autumnal opulence that is the 2011 Dining Awards. Zum Wohl, kinder!