Eye on the Pie

Named for its resemblance to the British meat pie of the same name, the porkpie hat — with its short, indented crown and small, flipped brim — is often confused with another style that’s been topping hipster heads for a while now, the fedora. But there’s no mistaking the fact that the porkpie, whether it appears in felt, straw, or linen incarnations, packs major personality. Just as relevant today as when it first hit the scene in the mid-19th century, the hat has long been a chapeau of choice among rebellious types, from Rat Packer Dean Martin and jazz legends like Thelonious Monk to Jamaica’s rude boys and drug-addled Brit rocker (and former Kate Moss fling) Pete Doherty. Most recently, the hat has become a key wardrobe piece for Walter White, the high school chemistry teacher turned crystal meth cooker played by Bryan Cranston on AMC’s Breaking Bad. This storied style is not for everyone though — its stingy brim can seemingly cut off the top of the head, and it looks best on rounder, more compact faces. Still, its association with legend makers and rule breakers makes this small-statured hat as bad ass as the guys who can pull it off.  Foreground:Bigali Panama Telescope pork pie, $72, available at SalmagundiTop to bottom:Bailey Charlie pork pie, $56, available at SalmagundiNice Collective pork pie, $168, available at AchillesTarget brand pork pie, $12.99, available at TargetBrixton Drifter, $42, available at Orchard Skateshop


Where to Shop:Achilles, 283 Summer Street, Boston, 617.423.2257, www.achilles-project.com  Orchard Skateshop, 1562 Tremont Street, Boston, 617.730.5700, www.orchardshop.com  Salmagundi, 765 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, 617.522.5047 Target, 7 Allstate Road, Dorchester, 617.602.1921, www.target.com