Wood Instrumentation

Between sirens, rush-hour horn honking, and local undergrads' late-night parties (not to mention how loud our neighbors get when they're in the middle of ... oh, never mind), city living sometimes makes us wish we could cork our ears. But these coolly distinctive and comparatively eco-friendly wood headphones ($54.99-$65.99) from New Hampshire-based company thinksound are designed to bring music to our ears, not keep it out. They're set to arrive by the end of the month at Greenward (1764 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, 617.395.1338), but we have our fingers crossed that they'll arrive in time for Earth Day, so we can listen to our souvenir Live Earth live album on these lightweight naturalistic ear buds, available in different finishes. Compatible with all your usual music-player suspects (iPhones, iPods, and - well, whatever other MP3 gear you "dare to differ" types use), thinksound's headphones use wood from renewable sources, come packaged in recycled materials, and bring on the beats through PVC-free cables. As importantly, they look damn cool and stand out from those ubiquitous white ear buds. Plus, some audiophiles say that the acoustic properties of wood bring welcome warmth to the sound quality - which is perfect, as we'd rather listen to music than our roommates' moans and groans, any night.