HOT AND SWEATY: Somerville Gets Broga

Most guys will tell you that yoga involves hot women stretching themselves into impossible pretzel shapes while listening to Enya. Not Robert Sidoti and Adam O'Neill,
co-founders of broga ( Their "brogram" takes the principles of yoga and adds some guy-friendly twists, like a soundtrack of upbeat house jams and a focus on upper-body strength. Sidoti teaches broga classes on Martha's Vineyard and recently brought his moves to the Boston area, offering classes at the Center for Arts at the Armory (191 Highland Avenue, Somerville, 617.718.2191). O'Neill, a true believer and aspiring "brogi," handles the business side. Women are also welcome at broga classes. As O'Neill says, broga dudes get the best of both worlds: hot women and a high-energy workout.