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It’s hard to pinpoint the most aggravating, tear-your-hair-out aspect of modern air travel, given the interminable lines at ticketing, the ungodly fees for checking a bag, the good chance of getting groped at security because some zipper set off the metal detectors. And of course, let’s not forget the ban on carrying on beauty products over a measly three ounces — a rule that forces you to either disturb your grooming regimen and rely on trial sizes of drugstore brands you’ll never use again, or else check your regular products in your already-overstuffed bag and risk having that bottle of your standby shampoo burst all over your wardrobe for the week. Well, globetrotters, 3floz.com has a solution. Slated to take off this January, the online boutique will offer luxury beauty and grooming products, all in TSA-approved three-ounces-or-less packaging. No more must you funnel your favorite body wash into a microscopic container in one of Logan’s bathrooms! No longer will you have to sacrifice your luxurious routine and rely on teeny-tiny hotel soaps that smell vaguely like your great-aunt’s perfume! The site offers free upgrades to overnight shipping if your next flight is within in three days, and there’s no need to fret if you’re flying out of the country: 3floz.com ships internationally, even directly to your hotel. So jet-setters, feel free to move about the cabin, and smell nice while doing it.